„Grandsmilers” is a new project of a comedy group – Fair Play Crew! Crew’s abstract sense of humour, over 20 years of dancing experience and indisputable scenical talent make a simple salient act a burst out laughing performance for an audience at any age.

Runtime: 75 min

Wojciech Blacha Blaszko | Cezary Krukowski | Marcin Rogalski

This unique act brings us to the future where Fair Play Crew members become an elderly men who look back at their past and wonder how it used to be back then. It used to be wild! It may sound sentimental but it definitely isn’t! Watching those flashbacks becomes a pure joy.

During one month long turnee in China, Fair Play Crew presented comedy show called “Seriously Funny”, which you can also see in Białystok.

With the show “Amatorologia” – first polish dancing comedy, they won the most important comedy festival in Poland – PAKA – in exceptional style. Crew, during over 20 years of artistic work achieved wide range of rewards in Poland and abroad.

Release date: 26 April
Location: The Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic

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Producer: The Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic — European Art Centre in Białystok
Director: Wojciech Blaszko
Choreography: Marcin Rogalski
Music: Cezary Krukowski
Animation: Agnieszka Waszczeniuk
Director assistant: Tomasz Czarnecki
Script: Adam Chrabin Tertis
Suits: New Men Style
Costumes and props: Białostocki Teatr Lalek
Vocal: Rafał Supiński, Dorota Białkowska-Krukowska
Poster: Sylwester Łukaszuk Ogryzz
Film: Kamil Zdzierak Z Production
Photography: Krzysztof Koliński Studio Fotografii Koliński

Seriously Funny

„Seriously funny” is a dancing project made by comedy group – Fair Play Crew. It gets laughs from people at any age by telling hilarious stories with universal language of movement, dance, acting and pantomime. Funny, clever and surprising!

Runtime: 75 min

Wojciech Blacha Blaszko | Błażej Bzyga Górski | Rafał Kamiński | Cezary Krukowski | Karol Niecikowski | Marcin Rogalski


Fair Play Crew is a performing group, loved worldwide!

“Totally crazy! It was completely new to me, I have never seen anything like it!”

– Dieter Bohlen,
Modern Talking

“Entertainment on the highest level”

– Robert Górski,
Kabaret Moralnego Niepokoju


– Feng Xiaogang,


Wojciech Blaszko
phone: +48 510 844 408



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